Prostec is a student startup with the aim of improving the efficiency of production and business of animal farms. Farmers are faced with a series of problems in keeping records of animals and the economic part of the farm business that we deal with using our knowledge. Prostec makes the symbiosis of our technological, informational and economic knowledge and the work, experience and knowledge of farmers so that they can devote themselves to what they love and leave the complications to us.


BEST system for farm management! We use the latest RFID tagging technology with tags to allow animals to be identified from long distance. The device that you get with the pack of animal stamps connects to a computer or an Android application and all data is stored in a safe place on the cloud.

Through a simple Android or web application you can access all animal data. We regularly provide you with new information on ways to treat animals, choose food ...

The system alarms you directly of your cell phone or via a web application on the withdrawal period of certain animal. So there will never be confusion and your farm will only grow.

Through the system you can give your employees detailed insight into their obligations and track their work.

The system can also assist you in calculating your salary, taxes, and any fees you have to pay.

Therefore, you can truly dedicate yourself to your farm!

Elektroboj  Smart USWC

Technical documentation

For better understanding our products you can download technical documentation.

Electronics and software support

Electronic tags for animals + animal identification device + software adjusted for farmers


We guarantee you a great increase in efficiency and savings. We guarantee you a return on investment. Get in touch with us completely without obligation!


Zagreb, Hrvatska
Phone: +385 91 51 67 346

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